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At Orassy Health, we offer truly advanced Integrative and Holistic Medical health approaches that are unavailable elsewhere. Our background experience facilitates a complete understanding of the many different levels of human health.

We combine the latest in Medical Sciences using state-of-the-art devices and Functional Medicine protocols alongside mental, emotional, physical and Energy Medicine therapies that enable resolution on the deepest levels.

Our Advanced Medical Solutions reveal primary causes to your current symptoms and how to resolve them. Transforming one’s health requires addressing both the physical and the profound, more subtle aspects of the condition. This is achieved through applying the Integrative Medicine and Life Management Programmes.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine Programme

Our most comprehensive health programme providing an in-depth understanding of how the interplay of your thoughts, feelings and physical body defines your health and wellbeing. This programme delivers profound and lasting change through a customised treatment plan, formulated with you by our in-house doctor. Programmes are offered for periods of up to 12 months depending on the complexity of your requirements. During this time, your progress will be monitored by our doctor with regular check-ups and repeat tests.

Programme includes:

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Pulsewave Analysis
  • Advanced Nutritional Programme
  • Activated Mineral Hydrotherapy sessions
  • Far Infrared Sauna sessions
  • PEMF and Schumann Resonance Frequencies
  • Kinesomasis and Health Kinesiology treatments
  • IV Nutrient Therapy and Plasmolifting
Life Management

Life Management

Combining health with self-development, our Life Management Programme empowers you to take charge of your life. A collaborative process will equip you with the techniques to become more aware and balanced in your thoughts, feelings and physical body. 

As part of the programme, we explore the connection between your health, wealth, direction in life, relationships and love – also known as ‘The Five Life Keys’.


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