Supporting Your Health Naturally and Effectively

Addressing the root causes of illness allows us to support the body to return to a healthy balanced state. It is well-documented that the causes of illness are often related to toxicity, nutritional deficiency, and psycho-emotional factors. At Orassy Health, we recognise the body’s innate ability to return to a state of good health when it receives adequate support. Our speciality, unparalleled elsewhere, is to provide the body with maximum support at a cellular level. 

What do our cells require? 

  • Optimum nutrient supply, which relies not only on our nutrient intake, but on our ability to absorb nutrients. Nutrient absorption is affected by several different factors - particularly internal stress
  • Good quality water in adequate supply for intracellular and extracellular processes 
  • Free flow of normal physiological processes, uninhibited by toxins, such as heavy metals
  • Healthy bacterial balance
  • Healthy emotional balance
  • Optimal body electricity, which is impacted on by all of the above, but also by unnatural living such as city living.
Bowel Dysfunction

Bowel Dysfunction

Bowel function depends predominantly on the gut flora you inherited as a baby, toxin accumulation and gut inflammation due to lifestyle and medications, and important psycho-emotional factors. The gut is considered the ‘emotional brain’ of the body. 

Through the use of nutritional supplements, a personally tailored lifestyle programme, as well as IV nutrient therapy (B12, Vitamin C and Glutathione especially beneficial for gut healing), Dr. Forbes will help you to:

  1. cleanse your gut of accumulated fecal matter that could have been there for years acting as a breeding ground for unwanted microbes;
  2. heal your gut lining (addressing Leaky Gut Syndrome);
  3. establish a healthy gut flora.

Health Kinesiology will further address food and substance intolerances, boost the immune system and address nutrient absorption issues.

Our 6-step Meditation and Exercise programme and Kinesomasis will address issues with internal stress as you learn to fully relax your body and mind and release long-held traumas from the body-mind.

Womens Health

Women's Health

To establish a healthy hormone profile and regulate the female system, we need to have a healthy gut, nervous system and immune system as they are all intrinsically linked. Detoxification of the whole body is an important part of this process. Our in-house Doctor will help you to identify the source of your imbalance, and work with you toward restoration. Nutrition is important, as certain foods and nutrients can have a big impact on female hormones. 

Health Kinesiology can further assist detoxification, and importantly work on emotional resolution, and help to create a more positive relationship with the body.

Kinesomasis helps to release blockages and return the natural flow of energy through your system. Aniko will help you to release traumas held in the mind and body.

Even if we aren’t consciously aware of a problem in these areas, much is stored both in the subconscious and the body that we find to have profound effects on women’s health. This can be from inherited ancestral patterns, not even from your own lifetime.

Skin Issues

Skin Problems

When we start out in life, the skin is embryonically formed with the nervous system before the two separate. This is why stress and emotional factors, acting through the nervous system, affect the skin so much. Therefore, working on a psycho-emotional level is very important for skin health - as well as cleansing and healing the gut, detoxifying, and eliminating foods that you are sensitive to. Acne is commonly a dairy sensitivity for example. This is why topical treatments are largely ineffective for skin conditions - we need to work from the inside out.

With our multi-disciplinary approach, the various factors associated with skin health will be addressed - no stone will be left unturned! Our in-house Doctor will help you to address the necessary detoxification and nutrient replenishment with IVNT. We also offer a Skin and Hair Nourishment protocol. She will plan a nutritional programme specifically tailored to you, and part of this will be in supporting gut health as above. It is best to use this in conjunction with some sessions with our Health Kinesiologist, as we will be able to identify and energetically correct problems with nutrient absorption, substance and food intolerances, and emotional patterns linked with the condition. Plasmolifting will help to rejuvenate and restore your skin cells back to their original healthy blueprint.

Kinesomasis works on more subtle levels, helping to relieve traumas held in the body that may be affecting the skin, and to release energy blockages that are also causing a problem. The 6-step Meditation and Exercise Programme is essential as this will teach you skills for life to keep internal stress levels low enabling the maintenance of optimal skin health.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Our mental health is complex and the result of many factors. On the physical level, toxin accumulation, chronic inflammation and micronutrient deficiencies are key factors to address. 

Our in-house Doctor will be able to help you in these areas using the Ultimate Detoxification and Nutrient Replenishment IV Nutrient Therapy and a personally tailored nutritional programme. It is highly advisable to do the 6-step Meditation and Exercise Programme which will help to permanently lower internal stress. Health Kinesiology will show you where your inner traumas lie and help to neutralise the effect they are having on your mental health. This helps to remove the root causes of trauma and to create a positive relationship with yourself: an essential facet of good mental health.

Emotional Trauma
A great deal of emotional trauma can build up over the course of one’s life, but we can also inherit the emotional baggage of our parents and other ancestors. Kinesomasis can help to resolve this at the deepest of levels, reprogramming the energy and information matrix to release blockages and return natural flow. This occurs on a deep energetic level, but the impact on mental health is profound.

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems

Once we have addressed the basic ‘Sleep Hygiene’ factors (caffeine, alcohol, electronic devices, late night exercise/adrenaline, eating too late, carbs in the evening…), we then need to look at organ dysfunction and hormone dysregulation affecting sleep quality, and of course, subconscious anxiety. 

On a physical level, detoxification, gut health, micronutrient deficiencies and dietary factors need to be addressed, which our in-house Doctor can help you with through a personally tailored nutritional programme and the Ultimate Detoxification IV Nutrient Therapy protocol. Supporting your detoxification organs both physically and energetically is important as otherwise they need to work extra-hard overnight when they are at the peak of their activity - which can stop you from sleeping.

Health Kinesiology will help to identify and resolve the causes of subconscious anxiety - as well as assisting further in the process of detoxification.

Kinesomasis will help to resolve matters at the deepest of levels, to include ancestral traumas and long-held emotional baggage that will be contributing to the subconscious anxiety and organ dysfunction.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is now considered by the medical profession to be a diagnosis in its own right, rather than arising from another condition. This is due to the nervous system having become permanently changed through sensitisation and chronic inflammation, in addition to a maladaptive change in the brain’s perception of pain. 

Our in-house Doctor can address the chronic inflammation with the Ultimate Detoxification IV Nutrient therapy programme and personally tailored nutritional programme. Plasmolifting will help with cellular regeneration of damaged sites - such as painful joints causing pain. Electro-acupuncture is also very helpful in alleviating specific areas of pain.

It is essential when treating Chronic Pain to look at associated psych-emotional factors as this is so closely related to the nervous system - where the majority of the problem lies. The 6-step Meditation and Exercise programme is essential for you to learn to calm the nervous system and keep internal stress low on a life-long basis.

Through Health Kinesiology, we will be able to help you identify and resolve specific emotional factors that may be contributing to the problem with sensitisation of the nervous system and chronic inflammation - and help you to create a positive relationship with your body.

Using Kinesomasis, we will help to release blockages on the deepest of levels and return normal flow - very important for an overactive, sensitised nervous system.

Immune Dysfunction

Immune Dysfunction

Most of the immune system is housed by the gut. Toxin accumulation, dietary and lifestyle factors will also depress the immune system - one teaspoon of refined sugar can depress the immune system for up to 4 hours! Therefore, adequate detoxification, gut cleansing, gut-healing and lifestyle modifications are important here. Our in-house Doctor can help you with this through the use of the Immune Booster IV Nutrient Therapy protocol, and a personally tailored nutritional programme. Plasmolifting also works very well to boost the immune system.

Psycho-emotional factors are also key to maintaining a healthy immune system as evidenced by our Biowell device which shows the impact of psycho-emotional factors on our physiology (the body). 

Using Health Kinesiology, we can help to identify and address the emotional contributing factors to the immune dysfunction, whether it is overactive - such as in the case of autoimmune diseases - or deficient, causing health vulnerabilities such as infections or chronic fatigue symptoms.

Kinesomasis will help to release energy blockages on the deepest of levels: revitalising, energising and supporting the whole system.

Immune dysfunction is often related to adrenal exhaustion and internal stress, so in addition to the above, it is advisable to do the 6-step Meditation and Exercise programme which will help to address these factors in addition to the above therapies, on a long-term basis.

Weight Management

Weight Management

Our gut microbiome is a key element to our metabolism and fat storage systems. Addressing gut health is therefore an essential component of effective weight management. Different diets suit different people, and we have the most advanced assessment process available to-date to accurately determine the type of diet an individual should be following. Toxicity, hormone imbalance, and chronic inflammation are important factors creating obesity. 

Longstanding beliefs and subconscious processes that cause people to self-sabotage their efforts to achieve a healthy weight are essential to address in this process. Obesity is usually associated with a deep-rooted self-protection mechanism. No amount of will power in the world can over-ride the subconscious! It needs to be a multi-pronged approach to effectively address weight issues, but once you do, the results are permanent, so it is worth the effort. Dr. Forbes can help you to address chronic inflammation and establish the right diet for you. She also offers a Fat-Burning IV Nutrient Therapy protocol.

Health Kinesiology will be able to identify and address food and substance intolerances that may be affecting your metabolic processes and also any cravings present. It will also help you to create a positive relationship with your body.

Kinesomasis will help you to release deep traumas, either stored in the subconscious or in the body from events of your lifetime - or from those of your parents and ancestors.

Where do I start?

It is usually best to start with the Orassy Wellness Assessment and Ultimate Health Programme, as this will give you a good understanding of what has brought about your current health problems, and you will begin the treatment process as part of this. After a period of 2-6 weeks, you would be ready to commence the Orassy Integrative Medicine programme for a more comprehensive look at your health, and a more detailed treatment programme with follow-up sessions.

You can also go straight into a particular therapy or doctor consultation if you are drawn to one or the other, but for best results we would recommend going through the programme as it has been designed. If you sign up for the Ultimate Health Programme, or the Orassy Integrative Medicine Programme, you will receive the therapies at a discounted price also.

Our Unique Approach

Our fully holistic and integrative approach works to best support your entire system to heal itself - a far more powerful and healthy way of addressing health issues. It cannot be described in the same way as is done in conventional medicine or some other therapies in which there is ‘a pill for an ill’. We treat the entire individual, and not the condition in isolation. Working in this way allows us to support any individual seeking help with any condition. This can be difficult to understand given that we are all so conditioned in the ‘symptomatic treatment’ way of thinking. Below is a summary of our multi-disciplinary approach, and how we are able to support all aspects of human health:

  • We work on the physical and mental level, through Integrative Medicine Consultations, nutritional and lifestyle programmes, IV Nutrient Therapy, and Plasmolifting, aiding particularly in physical detoxification, nutrient replenishment, and cellular regeneration of diseased sites.
  • Health Kinesiology work on the physical, emotional, and ‘gross’ energy levels. Health Kinesiology helps by releasing traumas from the body, creating a positive relationship with the body, resolving food and substance intolerances, and assisting detoxification among other things.
  • Kinesomasis therapy works on the emotional and ‘subtle’ energy levels. Kinesomasis reprogrammes the energy and information matrix to release blockages and restore the body and mind’s natural flow. It helps individuals to become more integrated in the physical body, helping to connect with the inner, deeper self, and one’s intuition. With time, in Kinesomasis sessions, you can actively participate in your own healing from a non-intellectual space. This helps to heal long-held traumas and create a positive relationship with the body in a fully holistic, non-intellectual way.
  • Our 6-step Meditation and Exercise programme, led by therapist and assistant director Aniko, is central to all of this work, as it teaches you lifelong, true self-care, and provides the foundation of optimal health.
  • Our Stress Solutions therapies help to further reduce internal stress through the Audio-visual Stimulation, the Activated Mineral Hydrotherapy, and the Far-infrared Sauna. The Far-infrared Sauna is also known as the ‘Detox box’ as it has powerful detoxification benefits.

To help you to understand our way of working more fully, we have described below the type of approach that we commonly use with these health presentations.