Integrative Medicine Programmes

The Orassy Ultimate Health Programme will give you a far greater understanding of the interplay of your thoughts, feelings, and physical body, and how this has created your health situation up to now. 

Through this awareness, and in combination with the treatment plan created for you by the doctor, you will have begun to make some profound and lasting changes already. The Orassy Integrative Medicine Programme is the next step, available in 3, 6, 9, or 12 month programmes – depending on the complexity of your needs


What does it involve?

You will begin with a more in-depth consultation with the doctor, which can include blood tests, urinalysis, and a full examination if required. You will undergo an assessment of your arterial health using our ‘Pulsewave Analysis’ device. Not only is it more effective and accurate than the standard ECG, but it will reveal the cause of the arterial stiffness. 

All of the devices we use at Orassy Health have been rigorously tested and validated by clinical research. Pulsewave Analysis has been around for decades and is used by some medical institutions to analyse the predictive value of arterial wall stiffness – highly significant in the development of cardiovascular disease. However, few know what to do with the emotional and ‘life-state’ findings that can also be revealed, so it stops there. 

You may also choose to have a Biowell assessment, which shows you the impact of your psycho-emotional status on your physical body, specifically, on your organs.

Following the consultation, you will receive a full written report, detailing your results and outlining your tailor-made health programme. In addition to your nutritional programme, this could include Zen Essence Yoga classes, Ki-robics classes, Far Infrared Sauna and PEMF sessions, treatments with our Kinesomasis and Health Kinesiology therapists, IV Nutrient Therapy and Plasmolifting. Other workshops and classes may also be recommended depending on your needs.

Your progress will be monitored by our doctor with regular check-ups and repeat tests.

Our Unique Nutritional Approach

Doctor Anna Forbes specialises in Integrative Medicine and, in your report, will offer you nutritional guidance based on the following:

  • Your blood type
  • Your ethno-genetic background
  • Your Dosha type, based on the Ayurvedic Medicine system- Kapha, Pitta, or Vata
  • Your body type – ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph
  • Occupational activity – physical, emotional and mental demands

Our nutritional approach far more in-depth than standard nutritional profiling and combines the most important aspects of a variety of worldwide systems.  

It also forms the foundation of a new science called ‘Ethno Genetics’, which in its application to psychology, is termed ‘Ethnogenetic Psychology’. This new approach to mental health is unique to Orassy Health. 

Integrative Medicine Programmes

Treatment Phase

Full breakdown of what may be included in the treatment phase of the programme, according to individual requirements:

  • Diet and supplement programme. Your three main areas that require support will be fully addressed.
  • Weekly Far Infrared Sauna sessions. This is a powerful way of detoxifying your body at the cellular level.
  • Weekly Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency sessions to help to reduce inflammation and boost cellular regeneration.
  • Weekly Zen Essence Yoga Classes, which will help you to build energy reserves, strength, stamina and intuition – among other important benefits of this system.
  • Regular Kinesomasis and Health Kinesiology sessions which will help you to address areas needing additional support that have been highlighted by the doctor. 
  • A weekly supply of Kangen water. This type of water has profound health benefits, especially for the immune system, due to its high alkalinity, structure and antioxidant content.
  • Weekly Ki-robics classes. Ki-robics distills the most effective elements of the ancient healing movement practice of Qigong, to optimise an individual’s Vital Energy. The higher our Vital Energy, the better our health, the better we feel and the longer we live.
  • A course of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy to fully detoxify and replenish the body with all of the essential nutrients necessary for optimal health.
  • A course of Plasmolifting to recover the health of a problematic area of the body such as the skin or the joints.
  • Weekly ‘Activated’ Mineral Hydrotherapy– usually after the Far Infrared Sauna. This helps further towards detoxification, stress reduction, and musculoskeletal problems.