Natural Immunity Solutions


Natural immunity refers to the natural state of the immune system when it is functioning at its best. By optimising our immune systems, we are able to both prevent infectious disease and overcome bacterial and viral infections more effectively, with fewer complications and lingering after-effects.

Common factors that deplete our natural immunity:

  • Nutrient deficiencies and inflammation due to poor diet.
  • Toxicity: the accumulation of chemicals and heavy metals in body tissues. This becomes a physical burden and interferes with the normal, healthy functioning of our organs.
  • Poor gut health: most of the immune system lives in the gut. Bacterial imbalances (gut flora) and a damaged gut lining lead are key factors here.
  • Adrenal fatigue due to stress leading to prolonged mental and physical exhaustion.

At Orassy Health, we address all of these issues using the following approach:


Immediate Natural Immunity Solution

This is for anyone that wants rapid immune boost and support such as in the case of an active infection. This programme is one-month long and includes:

  • Viral Antigen Test (Covid-19).
  • Intravenous autologous plasma injection using Plasmolifting technology.
  • 10 days programme of “Alina RLS” (natural mineral supplement), which is taken orally, as a nasal spray and as a mouth wash oral solution.
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification oral solution for macro gut cleanse and micro dosing for the rest of the body- 1 month.


Prevention- Longterm Solution

Following the Immediate Natural Immunity Solution, a one-month treatment course is required. Rehabilitation: detoxification and tissue regeneration following recovery from the virus via boosting of the immune system.

Detailed analysis of the underlying physical and mental health conditions that led to the infection.

Replenishing resources of the body with oxygen, digestive enzymes, restoring microbiome balance in order to prevent secondary immune deficiency.

Supplements used are:

  1. Alina RLS  (natural mineral supplement) oral solution
  2. Heavy Metal Detoxification oral solution
  3. Herbal support for mind and body. Capsules includes Vitamin B Complex, C -High dosage and D, Omega 3-6-9 complex, Adrenal support, Pre-Pro and Syn Biotics

After any viral attack, the overall organism is weakened.

During COVID-19 almost all patients develop extreme fatigue and breathing problems, some of them developing pneumonia.

Such a state needs to be monitored by patients carefully and cared for in the long-term situation in order to prevent any further complications.

The Orassy offers an exercise programme of Breathing, Meditation, Visualisation, Stretching, Strengthening, Vitality Life Force development.

Other Orassy Natural Immunity Services

Stress Solutions – lower your stress level

Stress can lead to poor lifestyle choices – this impacts on our diets, sleep, exercise, and generally the way we take care of ourselves. These, in turn, will affect our nutrient levels, our ability to eliminate toxins and minimise toxin overload (diet, exercise, bodycare and household products). Stress also activates the part of our nervous system that puts us into ‘fight, flight or fright’ mode (Sympathetic Nervous System). Whilst we are in this mode, we have reduced sleep quality, and the body is less able to repair itself and maintain normal healthy cellular functioning.

Stress affects our gut health also. The gut is known as the ‘emotional brain’ for this reason. There are many reasons that we might be mentally or emotionally stressed. This can include deep-rooted past traumas, as well as belief systems that we hold that keep us continually striving, always trying to do a better job or aiming for perfection, which, in essence, is a reflection of not feeling good enough, deep down.

Our therapists help you to explore what these underlying factors are, release the emotions that have been held in the body, and show you how to prevent this from happening again. We also offer a Stress Solutions package, including Activated Mineral Hydrotherapy, Far Infrared Sauna, and Audio-Visual Stimulation using Psio glasses. This is a great starting point before moving on to deeper work to address the root of the stress.

Burn out, Mental and Physical Exhaustion Solutions – start the active regeneration process

If we spend too much of our time activating the Sympathetic Nervous System, over time this eventually leads to ‘burn-out’, equating to mental and/or physical exhaustion. This is largely due to the excessive requirements we have placed upon our adrenal glands to release adrenaline. The adrenal glands can no longer meet these requirements and subsequently our ‘energy’ systems begin to function below par. This is the body’s way of signalling that our old modes of operating have not worked, and if fact have been very damaging to us, and can be seen as an invitation to try something new.

What we need to start with here is a process of active regeneration. This is normally very difficult to do by oneself and external input, therapy and care is often required.

At Orassy Health we have a few different options to help you on the path to regeneration. The underlying stress still needs to be addressed as outlined above (see ‘Stress’). In addition, a diet and supplement programme is recommended to support your cellular nutrition and adrenal glands.

Kinesomasis, whilst very effective at helping to release traumas and stuck emotion held by the body, is also a highly nurturing and supportive therapy, which can help to kickstart and maintain the regenerative process.

All of this will bring you up to a level at which you can begin to help yourself and begin to work on Self-Regeneration. This is the critical step and will prevent you from needing to be in longterm therapy!

To this end, we offer Orassy’s unique and pioneering Movement and Meditation 6-step Programme. Through this you will learn to regain and maintain the health of your adrenal glands and entire system through the process of breathwork, meditation, visualisation, stretching, strengthening and Qi (‘Chi’/ life-force/energy) development.

Our practitioners are here to fully support you to get your immune system back on track!