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This programme will support all aspects of mind and body health, but in particular the following aspects:

  • Low energy/chronic fatigue / Unexplained medical symptoms / Generalised aches and pains
  • Skin health / Sleep / Immune function / Emotional well-being / Lack of focus and concentration
  • Chronic pain / Food and substance intolerance / Digestive health / Blood sugar balance
  • Heart health / Fertility / Mental and physical detoxification / Disease prevention
  • Weight Optimisation / Women’s Health

The programme commences with the Doctor Consultation, and utilises the results from the Orassy Wellness Assessment. Following the Doctor Consultation, you will receive a short report summarising the findings from the assessment and the consultation, and a personally-tailored recommended health programme.


Online skype consultation at 1.5 hour: £145
Online skype consultation: £175
Online package price Ultimate Medical Health & Wellness Assessment: £299

Ultimate Medical Health

Doctor Consultation

Your Orassy Ultimate Medical Health programme will begin with a consultation with our in-house Doctor who will analyse and explain your results in depth from the Orassy Wellness Assessment. These results, in addition to a completed pre-consultation questionnaire, will give the doctor a good understanding of your current health state and the likely contributing factors. You will be able to have a full discussion about your health concerns, and will be supported and listened to during this process.

Impact of Mindset and Life State on your health

An essential part of this programme is helping you to become more aware of the impact that your ‘Mindset’ and ‘Life State’ are having on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Your mindset is based on the beliefs that you have acquired, concretised, and become attached to over the course of your life. Beliefs are often responsible for the majority of your limitations, lack of success in an area of life, and play a major part in your state of health. Your mindset leads to your life perspective, which then creates your ‘Life State’. This is based on the level of communication between your psycho-mental, psycho-emotional, and psycho-somatic condition. This also reflects thoughts (mental), feelings (vital energy), senses (physical body), intuition (supra-mental), and individual Consciousness (causal body). 

Therapy recommendations

Based on all of the above you will receive a complete initial plan to begin to recover your health. This will include specific nutritional and other health recommendations personal to you, and a tailor-made therapy plan which may include a few of the following: nutritional and herbal supplementation, Kangen water, Health Kinesiology, body therapy, Far infrared sauna, PEMF, IV Nutrient Therapy, and our unique 6-step Meditation and Exercise programme. Every person is recommended to do our 6-step Meditation and Exercise programme, during which you will be taught breathing, visualisation, meditation, stretching, strengthening, and vital force development, for these form the foundation of optimal health for all of us.

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Mental Health
Ultimate Medical Health

The best remedy to negative side effects of life in the city

The Orassy Ultimate Health Programme was originally designed particularly for people living in big cities.

Generally living in cities creates an abnormal amount of stress for us in different forms: physically, mentally and emotionally. This is due to the high levels of air pollution, harmful electromagnetic fields (from anything electronic), radiation (mobile phones and towers), overcrowding and little or no green spaces in which to spend time. All of this leads to what we call ‘Urban Living Syndrome’. This describes an exhaustion of the adrenal glands which results in a weakening of the entire body.

Symptoms of Urban Living Syndrome include:

  • Low energy levels,
  • Substance intolerances,
  • Poor quality of sleep or insomnia
  • Lowered immunity
  • Irritability/difficulty coping with stress
  • Low nutrient absorption
  • Decreased ability to detoxify.

The ultimate health programme enables you to maintain vitality, focus on your career (so you can stay on top of your game) and even enjoy life without surrendering to the gradual negative effects that a busy and demanding life within a city leaves you with. The programme offers maintenance for those already in a good state of health, protecting you from the inevitable descent, but also helps to improve overall health for those that are not in an optimal state.