We’re Passionate About Taking Care of Your Health

Orassy Health specialises in optimising health and wellness by providing in-depth, targeted assessment methods and offering real and lasting health solutions.

This is made possible by our unique, advanced health programmes that address all of the causative aspects of physical and mental decline to include nutritional, psycho-mental, psycho-emotional, genetic, and environmental factors.

Your Health Journey

Your journey to health starts with five Fundamental Health Programmes which sets the foundation towards Ultimate Health.

Stress Solutions

A unique 3-step approach, infusing relaxation and calmness throughout the mind and body.

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Wellness Assessment

5 key physical measurements to assess your overall state of health and well being.
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Ultimate Health

See the true causes of your current state of health, and how to reverse the process of degeneration.
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Integrative Medicine

A comprehensive health programme to permanently transform the health of your body and mind.
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Life Management

This is where health meets self- development so that people can take charge of their lives.
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Our Treatments

We also offer individual treatments that boost your vitality  Рgiving you the confidence you deserve.

  • Far Infrared Sauna

  • Audio-Visual Therapy

  • Health Kinesiology

  • Integrative Doctor Consultation

  • Mineral Salts Jacuzzi

  • Kinesomasis

  • Wellness Assessment

  • Intravenous Nutrition Therapy

Orassy health Ultimate Health

I’ve been to several kinesomasis sessions and it helps to focus on solving the root causes of my physical, emotional symptons, I always come out feeling more at ease and balanced.


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