Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMFs)

PEMFs are naturally emitted by the Earth and are abundant in nature. Schumann Resonance Frequencies are found in the Earth’s stratosphere. Both types are essential to sustain living organisms on this planet, particularly more complex species like humans.

Humans are naturally electromagnetic beings. Healthy cells hold a positive charge of 80-100mV. The cells of those with chronic disease have charges of around 60-40mV and in cancer patients it has been shown that this is closer to 20mV. Loss of cellular charge leads to degeneration.

The Earth’s Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies restore the charge in cells. This is why we start to feel better when we are in nature.

Wearing shoes, walking on pavements and tarmac isolates us from the Earth’s frequencies leading to deterioration of our health, and this is particularly pronounced in city dwellers.

PEMFs packages

  • Duration 40 mins
  • Single Session £35
  • Package of 6 sessions £175

Please note: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri the latest booking available is 5pm, Wed – 6pm, there are no sauna bookings on weekends.


PEMF therapy introduces these missing frequencies to the body and thus stimulates cellular regeneration.

PEMF devices offer a broader range of frequencies than the frequency of Earth, enabling a higher rate of cellular degeneration than grounding (walking barefoot on the earth) alone.